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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice.  Review a selection of Elite Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please Call us or Click here to email us your questions!

Health And Happiness,
Dr. C. Collin Hilliard

It’s Not Only Physical

I feel blessed to be in Dr. Hilliard’s care. He is truly committed to his patients’ well being and listens when concerns are shared and offers explanations, guidance, and compassion. He understands that healing takes place on not only a physical level, but also on an emotional, mental, and spiritual basis. Thank you Collin!

Terri C.

Sleeping Better

Dr. Collin, I know I rarely have any immediate complaints, but I feel that thanks to your help I am sleeping better than I ever have and that my overall general health is improving.

Cy J.

No Pain

Thank you for your efforts. Dr. Collin, Thanks to you I am in no pain, I can fully be part of my everyday activities without suffering from migraines. My overall health has improved dramatically.

Silvia J.

Allergies, Migraines and Back/Neck Pain

Dr. Hilliard has helped treat my allergies, migraines, back and neck pain. Not only do I feel better physically but my X-rays also showed a significant improvement to the overall health of my spine. Dr. Hilliard looks to treat the cause of the problem and aims his treatments methods at correcting the problem, not covering up the symptoms. Dr. Hilliard is extremely professional and it is clear that he genuinely cares about the well being of his patients. I would recommend Dr. Hilliard to all of my friends and family.

Emily F.

Shoulder Injury

I started Chiropractic care primarily due to a shoulder injury. I had lost almost 50% mobility on my right shoulder and was having trouble completing everyday tasks 2 months after my injury. After 2 weeks of chiropractic care, I began to feel less pain on my shoulder and started regaining mobility. After 2 months of treatment, my shoulder was back to normal. Chiropractic care has also helped reduce my allergy symptoms.

Irma G.

Children Need Chiropractic Care

Dear Elite Chiropractic Patients~ My family is so thankful to Dr. Collin Hilliard for the chiropractic care he has given us. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, but he also makes himself available should a special concern arise. Dr. Collin treats my children, Ray (5) and Jillian (3) with great care, and he eases their fear, thus making their experience less scary and more fun! Dr. Collin cares about the whole person. On many occasions he has adjusted Laura’s knees and hips so that she could successfully train for the Freescale Marathon. Dr. Collin has made room in his busy schedule, and even come into the office on his day off to treat an ill family member. As for my experience, I am pleased with Dr. Collin’s level of professionalism and expertise. His creative approach to chiropractic care is refreshing. I have great faith in his ability to care for me and my family.

Sincerely, Chris N.

Agent New York Life Insurance Co.

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